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Stealing Your Identity Through E-Mail

The latest virus has been described as a very sophisticated crime. The virus is called Mydoom also goes by the name of Novarg. It's not the kind of virus that crashes your computer. We found out, it could actually steal money from you.

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"I'm kind of afraid to click on it," said one woman who was looking over her inbox. And you should. Don't open it. Delete it. The Mydoom or Novarg virus can be recognized by subject lines that say 'Error' or 'No Subject.' It will also say 'Hi' or 'Server Report.'

Computer Expert Neil Baldridge, CoNetrix Vice-President, says look for titles that don't make sense and be very leery. Because once you open it, Baldridge says the virus could record everything you type. "If you buy things online, and you put your name and credit card billing information on a site, the virus is able to capture keystrokes and record that information," said Baldridge.

That's right. Hackers could be stealing bank account information, your money even your identity. Baldridge says the virus began networking through e-mails on Monday.

This is how it can trick you into opening it. The e-mail may look like it's from someone you know. But it's only because their system was hit and the virus randomly picked you out of your friend's address book. That's why Baldridge says delete anything suspicious. "I'd say the most vulnerable people are those who have DSL or cable connection at home."

So, it's important to have anti-virus on your computer. Baldridge says to update it. Because if you don't, your ride on the information highway could be a bumpy one.

If you think private information has been stolen from you, the best thing you can do is closely watch your account activities. We have provided a couple of links to McAfee and Symantec so that you can remove the virus if you think your computer is infected.

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