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Merced Garcia Pays It Forward


If you had $300, who would you give it to?  KCBD NewsChannel 11 hit the streets of Lubbock in search of our next "Pay It Forward" playmaker.   This week, we set up in North Lubbock near the intersection of University Avenue and the Clovis Highway.

It didn't take long to meet our next "Pay It Forward" playmaker!  In less than two minutes, we meet Merced Garcia.  He sees me holding the "Pay It Forward" sign and wants to help someone who can use a little assistance.

There are only two rules when it comes to helping us "Pay It Forward"

1) It CAN'T be a family member
2) You only have ONE hour to accomplish the act of kindness

Merced knows a woman whose husband has been in rehab with a medical injury.  We head to her house in search of our "Pay It Forward" recipient.  When we arrive at her house, we discover that she is not at home.  We knock on the door and check the garage and backyard, but find the house empty.

Since Merced has an hour to complete the task, he picks another person to "Pay It Forward" to. 

Merced worked with a man who passed away awhile back.  He left a wife and family behind.  Merced decided to pay her a visit. 

When we arrive, we are greeted by Margarita Ybarra.  Margarita is grateful for the help and said she would use the money to pay bills and help her children and grandchildren. 

Margarita wishes everyone a "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!"

Afterwards, Merced expressed how amazing it was to help someone who could use the help.

Merced's grandson Jeremiah was with him the entire time and told us that he sees his grandfather as a great role model and that it was neat to see him helping someone who could use it. 

Be on the lookout for our "Pay It Forward" sign soon.  You may be the next person who makes a difference by helping us "Pay It Forward!"   

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