Leach introduced at Washington State

PULLMAN, WA (KCBD) - Mike Leach was introduced Tuesday afternoon as the new football coach at Washington State University. It took little time for a packed ballroom of Cougar fans to get acquainted with Leach's personality.

"People ask me, 'Why Washington State? And then I think, 'Well that's a stupid question,'" said the former Texas Tech coach to the delight of the room. "And then I immediately blurt out the very obvious answers: the commitment of excellence in every phase of the university, the excitement around the community, and the fact you can win here and win big."

The roughly 30-minute press conference included questions from the media. Leach expressed his excitement at getting back into coaching after a two-year hiatus.

"There's nothing like the unity and working together with a team," said Leach. "I think all-for-one, one-for-all is the part you miss the most. There's big challenges, but there's big payoffs; the journey and the battle is exciting."

The former Red Raider whistle also says he will look at former staff members, and possibly former/current Texas Tech football staff, to fill key positions on his new staff in Pullman. His newly-hired chief of staff worked with Leach at Texas Tech.

"The only guy I've really hired [thus far] is my chief of staff, David Emerick, who I've worked with since I was at the University of Kentucky," said Leach, answering questions from reporters. "There's a number of good candidates out there, and we're going to fill this staff as quickly as we can so we can mobilize some recruiting effort."

"The transition needs to be quick, but it's got to be precise because you want the people involved to get the most out of the program," Leach said.

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