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Lubbock technicians overloaded with broken heaters

Shane Templin Shane Templin

As temperatures drop to the teens, work for one group of local technicians goes up. Heater technicians in Lubbock have been working around the clock repairing heaters the last two days.

"It's been pretty crazy, and pretty cold. We've been slipping and sliding everywhere," said Shane Templin, Arctic Air and Heating technician. "We're trying to get as many calls in and get some heat back to some houses doing without."

Templin says Monday and Tuesday all technicians at Arctic Air have been working 12 hour shifts, and sometimes later until 9 p.m.

"We probably run 10 calls a day per person, but on a day like this we might go 15 to 20 calls. It pretty much doubles in call ratio," Templin said.

Due to the icy conditions, some heaters might have to wait to be fixed. Templin had to skip at least one house Tuesday because snow and ice prevented him from climbing the roof.

"You just have to be very careful," he said. "I just took a spill a little while ago. Unfortunately we were unable to fix this lady's heater until the ice thaws out. We want to be safe for us, but we want to try and help as much as possible."

Templin says the majority of the problems he sees are issues with filters, pilots being blown out  and wear and tear on parts from using them full blast in just the last two days.

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