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UMC is the brings ENB to Lubbock

Lung cancer continues to be the number one cancer killer. One problem in diagnosing it early is that two thirds of the lesions in the lung are beyond the reach of traditional scopes.

Now, UMC is the first to bring ENB to Lubbock. That stands for Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy. That uses GPS technology to guide specialized catheters to find lesions in the tiniest airways of the lung.

Dr. Raed Alalawi from UMC Southwest Cancer Center said, "There is a sensor at the tip of the working channel. As we extend it, the patient is set up on a board that generates a magnetic field. The sensor correlates where the working channel is in relation to where the patient's nodule is on the chest C-T."

ENB can also be used to place markers deep into the lung as a guide for high dose radiation.

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