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South Plains workers brave cold for their paycheck


In these freezing temperatures, most of us get to work inside where it's warm. For others, being outside in the cold is just part of the job.

Tuesday, we went searching all over town to find people braving the cold for a paycheck.

It's something you may not think about when you go to the grocery store, or even when placing a delivery order, but lots of positions require workers to be outside.

Construction workers bundle up and keep moving to get their minds off the freezing temperatures. Some spend their entire workday in the cold, even when they have the sun at their backs.

Once the sun sets, the phones at Jimmy John's ring off the hook.

Customers who don't want to leave their homes can have food delivered. That means Mark Marianos has to suit up in his winter gear to bring you that sandwich on his bike.

We asked him the best way to keep warm.

"Just layers and pump your legs. It's not too bad out here once you get going," Marianos said.

Just because you work inside doesn't mean you're always warm. Brandon Stone works in United's dairy department and he's used to things getting chilly.

"It stays right above freezing and in the freezer it gets around -10 degrees," Stone said.

Stone says he usually wears a jacket and gloves, but he frequently needs a new pair of gloves to keep up with his workload.

It can take tough skin and a warm jacket to work in the grocery business.

Across town at Lowe's Supermarket, baggers like Maxie Brooks battle the elements helping customers to their cars.

"The secret to staying warm is wear many layers that you can peel off as you're working and just stay moving around - stay busy and that helps keep your body rate and energy rate going and you'll stay warm," Brooks said.

With so much traffic in and out, employees are constantly dealing with temperature change. If they overheat outside, they feel it inside, so many of them don't mind getting out - even if it is below freezing.

"I like getting out every once in a while. Its good to go out and get fresh air," Brooks said.

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