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Food for Thought 12.8


LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - We have a handful of perfection in Food For Thought but the health inspector's reports landed two Lubbock restaurants on our low performer list. Golden Field Buffet at 7307 University Ave. had 6 critical violations. Sushi, beef, chicken, and crab were all not at the safe cold temperature of 41 degrees. Chicken strips were not at the safe hot temperature of 135 degrees. Hand washing sinks were being used for more than just hand washing. An employee was handling ready-to-eat foods bare handed. The dish washer was not sanitizing. A can opener was dirty. According to the report all these violations have now been corrected.

Our second low performer this week is Kwik Stop at 4719 58th Street with 6 critical violations. Beef sandwiches were not at the safe hot temperature. There were several instances of cross contamination: an ice scoop was sitting on a dirty fryer, tongs were stored in a dirty cardboard box, and the ice machine was heavily soiled. There were gnats and fruit flies by the fountain machine. The report says quote: "sticky, moldy soda nozzles" and their slush machine was dirty. Cans of chili were stored under motor oil, and pest spray was stored next to the ice machine. There was no thermometer to measure temperatures of ready-to-eat foods. According to the report most of the violations have been corrected.

Now to this week's top performers: Jake's at 5025 50th grilled up zero critical violations, Klemke's BBQ Joint at 2611 E. Slaton road dished up plates of perfection, Lubbock Country Club at 3400 Mesa Road had a perfect score, and Thai Pepper at 3702 20th Street had a heaping helping of perfection as well. If you hit the grocery stores later, you can rest assured that the United Market Street's on Slide, Frankford, and 98th all had perfect scores.

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