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College Students Move Full Speed Ahead on Voter Registration

The house is still purple on the corner of 25th and Indiana and it's not going to change anytime soon. College students, mainly Texas Tech students have pushed ahead with their biggest registered voter drive in years.

Several Texas Tech organizations have a long road ahead, but their willing to travel the extra mile to get as many students registered to vote. "So far, all that's been turned in is 717 receipts," said Dorothy Kennedy, Lubbock County Assistant Chief Deputy of Voter Registration.

Kennedy says she expects even more now that school is back in session. "They came by the other day to pick up 400 voter applications," she said.

Kennedy says she certified 68 college students to register other students. Now, those certified students each have booklets with 100 receipts, meaning they're capable of registering 6,800 students in all.

Lubbock City Ordinance Task Force Member, also a Tech student, Emily Curtis says they have full confidence things will work. "We tried about one year ago and realized the mistakes and there's things you have to do with the city. So this time now that we have legal representation we feel that we're much more prepared this year," said Curtis.

You remember, less than two years ago, three students were evicted from their rental home in Tech Terrace. That's when the purple house landlord painted the house to protest Lubbock's housing ordinance. It says more than two unrelated people can't live under the same roof.

The big petition drive will begin March 1st.. We've talked with the city and we learned those students need to sign up 5,180 registered voters in order to bring the ordinance to a vote in November.

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