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The Deli-Pro Knife: Does It Work?

Get your perfectly sliced deli meat without going to the deli. This $20 product is called the Deli-Pro Knife and promises it can cut just like the pros can, but Does it Work?

We went inside Market Streets Deli Department to do some cutting up and Food Service Manager Randy Steward is helping. He's looked the blade over and gives it the stainless steel approval.

Let's cut to the chase. The Deli-Pro works like this: the knife has an adjuster so you can slide your knife to any size you want it to slice. It can cut tomatoes, "slices real nice," said Randy. Even thinner slices were not a problem.

The tail end of the tomato was easy to cut. We used the safety fork that comes in the package. Not bad. "And you said they were pretty consistent . Pretty consistent all the way through," Randy concluded.

Now onto the potato. The Deli-Pro was showing us how it's done. "I'm really surprised. Thick to thin, whatever the size," said Randy.

We decided to test the mechanical veggie peeler that came in the package. It's supposed to peel veggies faster but there was really no difference.

Now the main course, a big ham, but Randy pointed out a possible problem about the blades width. "The blade only being a 10 inch blade you'll be limited to the width it will slice." So we opted for the Canadian Bacon and it worked like a charm.

Make room for this pro in your kitchen, because the Deli-Pro works!

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