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Two Former Super Bowl Football Players Call Lubbock Home

It's not everyday you get to sit down with a former professional football player in Lubbock. Especially one who's played in three Super Bowls and won two of them.

"I'm humbled because you know, I'm just another guy off the street." This average guy is Jesse Powell. He played for the Miami Dolphins in the early 1970's, wore the number 56. "I just wanted to show you I was in a game once," said Powell.

Powell was one of the leading tacklers on the team but it was in 1972, Powell and the Miami Dolphins would manage to make history. "It's the only perfect season team no one else has ever accomplished that," said Powell.

For the 1972-73 football season, the Miami Dolphins held a winning streak all the way up to the Super Bowl VII Championship game. They beat the Washington Redskins 14 to 7. It was a way to top off the 'Perfect Season'. It's even written on Powell's first Super Bowl ring.

"What was it like to play with Bob Griese and Larry Csonka?" asked NewsChannel 11. "Great guys. Bob Griese was so precise, so technical and so intelligent. And someone like Larry. He was all football player. High degree of intelligence. Whatever it took to get the job done, he could make it happen," said Powell about his teammates.

Powell's in the Insurance business now and has been for 25 years in Lubbock. He's from Spur Texas, that's what brought him back. "I've got people I have insured for 25 years that don't know I played pro football," said Powell.

He doesn't display many football memorabilia in his office. Maybe a plaque here, some pictures and an autographed football in the corner. Powell says he wears his Super Bowl rings occasionally. But what he does show, success. Something he says he learned from playing the game.

Something you may not have known. In 1973, the NFL paid players $15,000 a piece for winning a Super Bowl game. These days, players are paid $68,000.

There is one more pro-football player living in Lubbock. Texas Tech Alumni, Curtis Jordan played with the Washington Redskins when they won the Super Bowl in the 1983.

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