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HealthWise at 5 From 2.2

  • DNA and Skin Damage

Escaping winter's chill with a sunny vacation might be appealing except for the harm it does to your skin's DNA. A researcher from the University of Newcastle in the UK has developed a DNA test to measure damage done to the skin after a week long vacation. The tests on holiday-goers revealed changes to the skin's DNA after just seven days. According to the researcher, the damage could eventually lead to premature aging and potentially skin cancer.

  • Tattoo Treatment

Tattoos are a very personal form of artistic expression, though for some, the sentiments penned to the skin change. Wright State University School of Medicine in Ohio is studying a combined treatment to erase unwanted tattoos. The treatment, which is still under study, involved using Aldara, a cream usually prescribed for the treatment of genital warts. The cream is being tested as a complementary treatment with laser tattoo removal, and reportedly helps diminish pigment in the skin.

  • Cough Relievers

Though cough drops immediately come to mind for minor coughs, there are a few other tricks to stop that irritating tickle in your throat. Experts say sucking on a piece of hard candy will help just as much as a cough lozenge. Keeping hydrated with clear fluids can thin the troubling secretions, and getting some extra humidity in the air, from a vaporizer or the shower can help a dry cough.

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