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Community Reacts to Coach Knight's "Incident"

It seems like everyone has an opinion about Coach Knight's latest "incident" and it's receiving national attention. It has brought a flurry of national attention to Lubbock. Radio host Mark Finkner at KKAM Sports Radio is feeling the brunt of it. He says, "You have people coast to coast wanting your opinion."

Not to mention all the callers lighting up the phone lines at KKAM for a chance to speak their minds. Here are just a few comments that came in while we sat in on the show:

  • "Without knowing all the facts, there ought to be reprimands for both of them -- Smith and Knight."
  • "This is one of several incidents that are going to keep happening as long as the guy is still around here."
  • "Leave the guy alone and let him coach."
  • "He just needs to learn a lot more self-control I guess. He needs to be hypnotized or something."

Hypnotized??? OK, so obviously a little humor has seeped into the mix. Finkner's co-host Gentleman Jim G adds to it, saying, "Was that what happened (Monday) at the high brow grocery store? Was that a wardrobe malfunction?"

Bob Knight And University Put "Incident" Behind Them
As the Texas Tech Red Raiders took on the Baylor Bears in a Big 12 Match up Tuesday night, the recent "incident" between Coach Knight and top Texas Tech Officials was still on the minds of many fans but as of now, the University says its all behind them.
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But for some Tech students, it's no laughing matter. Tech student Chris Keffer says he thinks the coach should be disciplined, "I think it should be something the nation knows about. We're not just sitting around letting him at however he wants to."

Fellow student Analisa Brooks says, "I think it would be crazy to let him go just because he's such an amazing coach." Tech student Jay Hughes agrees with Analisa. He says, "He's an adult and I don't think he needs someone to tell him he's being good."

There's a lot of speculation that all this has been blown out of proportion by the media. Some say as long as Coach Knight is treating his Red Raiders well, this recent incident should be left alone. They say it was a personal encounter between two people and should stay that way.

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