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Researchers Find Odd Relief of Rare Muscular Disorder

For a unique group of people, exercise is extremely painful. Not just hurting, but it's excruciating for people with a rare muscle disorder called McArdle's Disease. It's a genetic muscular disorder that prevents the body from processing energy.

"They have a big deficit in energy availability, so that when they try to do anything physically, they wear out much more easily, they tire, their muscles may lock up or cramp," explains Dr. Ronald Haller, neurologist.

There is no cure for McArdle's Disease, but researchers at the Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine have discovered what sounds like a crazy way to relieve the problem. They say if those patients will drink a sugary soft drink or a glass of orange juice or eat a handful of jelly beans before they work-out, it will dramatically improve their tolerance for exercise.

"What this intervention has done is significantly increased levels of blood glucose and that has caused a big boost in their exercise capacity," said Dr. Haller.

He adds that if you feel fatigue or pain during exercise, don't assume you have McArdle's disease. It is rare, affecting only about 1 in 100,000 people.

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