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HealthWise at 5 From 2.4

  • Colon Marker

We already know it helps predict heart attack and stroke, now a new study finds a protein in the blood may also help predict the risk of colon cancer. You'll find this in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Researchers measured levels of c-reactive protein in the blood of 22,000 healthy adults and followed them for eleven years. They found those with the highest levels had more than double the likelihood of developing colon cancer compared to volunteers with the lowest CRP levels. Several studies have already linked c-reactive protein to heart disease, stroke and diabetes. It's really a simple blood test. So, if you're due for your annual check at the doctor's office. You might ask your doctor if he or she recommends a c-reactive protein test.

  • What's Thin Worth?

How are you doing on that new year's resolution to lose weight and if you're a woman, a survey says many want to lose the pounds not just because thin is in but because healthy is smarter. A survey in the January issue of Weight Watchers Magazine says more than two-thirds of women who want to slim down do so to help have a longer life and more energy. Most say they aren't at their dream weight but they are at least trying to live longer by eating better.

  • Tune In To Tears

Parents are wired to a baby's cry even when it's not their own. And the tears activate a part of the brain related to emotion. Researchers from the University of Basel in Switzerland looked at MRI's of parents and non-parents to see what happened when they heard baby sounds. They found that mothers and fathers both reacted to baby tears and laughter but the non-parents only responded to baby laughter. The researchers say some of the reaction is a learned behavior but they believe in women, that the reaction is more of an innate response to baby sounds.

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