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Coach Knight Speaks Out

"I'm going to tell you exactly what happened and then I'm leaving. There ain't going to be any questions on this, it's over with it's passed," Coach Bob Knight said.

It's still drawing national attention and it's the talk of the town. It's been more than two days since an incident between Coach Bob Knight and Chancellor David Smith at Market Street, and still the story holds strong interest around Lubbock. Partially because Chancellor Smith remains silent on the issue.

So far only one person involved in the incident has spoken out publicly. After the Red Raiders defeated Baylor, Coach Bob Knight himself spoke out for the first time about the altercation at the Market Street salad bar on Monday.

On Tuesday Chancellor David Smith and Athletic Director Gerald Myers released a statement, but Coach Knight talked to the media, explaining what happened from his perspective.

"I'm going to tell you exactly what happened and then I'm leaving. There ain't going to be any questions on this, it's over with it's passed. And I'm too tired of it as it is," Knight said.

After discussing the ups and downs of the Baylor game coach Bob Knight commented on the situation that happened between he and the Chancellor at Market Street.

"I was standing at the salad bar when the Chancellor came up to me. I'd already put lettuce in my salad dish and was beginning to move to the condiments, when he came up on my side and this will be pretty much verbatim. He said Bob you've really been doing well lately, you've done a really good job lately. And I said David I think that as long as I've been here for the most part, I didn't say all but for the most part I've done pretty well. And I move around to go on and fix my salad. And I measured we were about 15 feet away. And he came at me pretty hard and said you've got issues what are they. And right then is where I think I was at fault. I should've just shook my head, walked away and done a lot of other things and I didn't. I went on to tell him what one of those issues was and then it got back and forth but the one thing is that I absolutely did not instigate anything," recounted Coach Knight.

Coach Knight went on to say that Tech President Jon Whitmore and Athletic Director Gerald Myers handled the situation very well. He said suspension was discussed and although he didn't think it was necessary he would've done the time.

"If that's the way it went with suspension, I would fight it any way I could but I would've stayed through the suspension simply because I feel so strongly about these kids and this community. And that would not have been easy to do but I would've done it."

Most importantly to Knight is that the situation is over. We called the Chancellor on Wednesday to see if he would comment beyond his written statement, but the answer was no. As a matter of fact, we had several calls from people wanting to hear the Chancellor's response to Knight's recount of the events, but Tech spokespeople said he had no comment.

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