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Explosion damages Mrs. Camp's Bakery

An early morning explosion damaged a popular Lubbock bakery and sent four people to the hospital.  

Reports from the Lubbock Fire Marshal's office indicate a commercial gas oven exploded around 4:20 a.m. Tuesday at Mrs. Camp's Bakery, 4005 34th Street. Investigators also discovered two additional gas leaks in other areas of the kitchen.

Mrs. Camps Bakery will have several plumbing and electrical code deficiencies to correct as well as repairing the damage from the explosion, authorities say. The majority of the damage was to drop ceilings in the kitchen, customer and gift shop areas.

A bakery employee tells KCBD that several people were icing cookies and cakes at the time, and the oven exploded when it was turned on.

The blast blew out the back wall and left two garage-door-sized holes. The front of the bakery was not damaged, nor were nearby businesses. Four employees were taken to University Medical Center with minor injuries. As of 9 a.m. all four were released.

Workers have temporarily fixed the back wall. The gas to the building has been shut off. A sign on the door reads Mrs. Camp's Bakery is closed until further notice. The employee says the answering machine is on and they will return calls as soon as possible.

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