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The Littermaid: Does It Work?

The Weatherreds are a feline friendly family. Jasper and Angel are about to see a new kind of litterbox.

Leigh Ann e-mailed Does It Work because she wanted to see if the Littermaid worked. It's an automatic self cleaning litterbox that can cost up to $200 and Leigh Ann wants to know if it's worth every penny. "This cat box, I actually cleaned it on Sunday," she said. She showed us three days worth of mess. But maybe the Littermaid can rescue Leigh Ann from this frightening chore.

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The Littermaid works like this, fill the Littermaid with premium clumping litter to the line. After we did that, we took Jasper to see if he would perform on cue. He got a little stage fright. So we opted for 'Plan B.'

Leigh Ann did the honors of transporting some of the goods from the old litterbox to the new one.

We plugged the Littermaid chord into the wall, and presto! "Well, it got the majority of it."

We tried it again. "It works a lot better than I thought," said Leigh Ann.

Cat owners need to buy this maid to clean up after their feline friends because the Littermaid works!

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