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Consider This..."Pay It Forward"

One of the things I consistently hear in the community is that news is mostly negative. By definition, that is true. While our news department works very hard to bring you important stories that you need know, I also believe we have an obligation to seek out those positive stories. In some cases, be the catalyst for them.

That's why we have started a new series called "Pay It Forward." If you haven't seen it, here's the basic premise: With the help of a sponsor, KCBD's Cary Allen goes out every week in search of a random person that wants to help someone they know. We give them $300 and they "Pay It Forward." It's random, it's spontaneous, and we hope it makes a difference in the community.

Consider This:

Times are tough. People are struggling to pay bills. As a result, donations are down across the community from the salvation army to the food bank.

I would encourage you to survey all the circumstances around you. Be mindful of the folks that are struggling. The less fortunate. If you have extra, give a little extra. If you see a need that you can fill, fill it. It may be a total stranger , a friend that's fallen on hard times, or a red kettle at the grocery store. Look for your own opportunity to "Pay It Forward." help while you can and someday you may just be rewarded with the same kind of kindness.

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