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Don't lose sight of the season's true meaning


In today's world of commercialized holidays, it is easy for children and adults to lose sight of the season's true meaning. Although there is no exact science to teaching your children the spirit of giving and goodwill, there are a few thoughts for parents to consider this holiday season.

Help your child understand that it doesn't matter how many presents he or she receives. Teach them that each gift is special because someone put thought and money into it, and remind your child to thank the people who give them gifts.

If your child is unhappy because he or she didn't receive something they asked for, insist that they focus on being satisfied and happy with what they have, rather than dwelling on what they don't have.

Find ways to show your child that gift giving can be just as fulfilling as receiving. Start an annual tradition like donating a new, unwrapped toy to Toys for Tots, or choosing an ornament off of an angel tree.

Finally, spoil your children with your attention, time, and love this year - not by giving them too many toys that will just end up broken, lost or in the attic.

From the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, I'm Dr. Tedd Mitchell, and this is the President's Prescription.

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