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HealthWise at 5 From 2.6

  • Pain Combo

An unexpected pain-relieving combo may lead to less medicine for people in pain. Researchers at Temple University discovered that when Glucosamine, which is often used for joint health, is taken with Ibuprofen, it creates a potent pain reliever. Clinical trials are anticipated sometime this year to determine proper dosage and any side effects. Temple researchers say if you already take Glucosamine and Ibuprofen, you should talk to your family doctor about the combination.

  • Kids Concerns

Kids have definite food preferences, and some choices have parents worried. A survey done in the UK revealed that diet and exercise were the top concerns parents had for their kids. Half of the parents worried that their children ate too much junk food, and more than two-thirds felt their kids consumed too much sugar. But, many parents are being proactive, with more than 80% restricting soft drinks and 14% banning them altogether.

  • Dirty Microwave

Workplace microwaves are probably not the cleanest on the planet, but health folks at the University of Alabama at Birmingham say the germs probably won't kill you. UAB experts say the heat produced in a microwave is likely high enough to kill bacteria. However, they do recommend regular cleaning of the inside of the microwave with a bleach-containing cleanser, and office cooks can help cut down on food splatters by covering the food.

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