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Area Band Nominated for Grammy

"Are you nervous?," asked a reporter. "Oh yeah, we're really nervous," laughed Rick Torres.

He's as excited as a little boy with a puppy. After five years of weddings, quincinera's, and club gigs, his band is up for a Grammy. "We'll be there at the Grammys. We'll walk down the red carpet! It's a big honor," he beamed.

Nominated for Best Tejano Album, their music has thrust them into the national spotlight. So where do they rehearse their songs as they await their Grammy fate? What high-tech, state of the art, cutting edge studio can you find them at? It's called Unit 29. And no, that's not some cool, esoteric name for a hidden establishment, it's literally Unit 29, at Kwik-O-Self Storage on West 19th. Complete with security system of chain link fence and barbed wire. A place where heat is not included in the rent. "Is it cold?," Rick was asked. "Yes, it's always cold," he laughed.

Milagro is their name. In English it means miracle. In reality it means hard work. Six guys with day jobs pursuing their passion. A plumber, a telemarketer, a mechanic. Countless nights rehearsing in an 8x12 foot shed, about to be too small for a group graced by a Grammy nomination. "We've been getting calls from all over the country. We'll be in Oregon, Washington D.C....," said Torres.

And should they be fortunate enough to actually win a Grammy, do they have any surprising hi-jinx in store? "No, no malfunctioning wardrobe. And even if we did I don't think it would catch the eye of E entertainment," laughed Torres.

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