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Stricter safety guidelines for toys and other products

Even Santa's elves are facing stricter guidelines as the United States is adopting tougher safety standards for toys and other children's products. For one, the United States has dropped its limit allowed for lead to the lowest in the world.   Also, when it comes to kids jewelry, Congress also set a cap on cadmium, another toxic substance.

The government is trying to avoid a repeat of 2007 when millions of toys and other kids' products were recalled because of unsafe lead levels or a defective design.  Starting January first, everything for kids will be required to undergo an independent third party testing.

Inez Tenenbaum, Chairman of CPSC,  said, "These are laboratories that test for lead, for cadmium, for other toxic substances, that do drop tests to make sure you don't have small parts that come loose so a child has a choking hazard." "Our toys are safer than ever before."

Here's something new for parents and grandparents, if you want check for safety concerns on something you've purchased for a child for Christmas.  It's a new CPSC database called Safer  You can use that to report problems, and get company responses as well.

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