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Taking precautions against RSV

Here's a good reason to keep your newborn at home or at least away from big crowds, RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus. It's very common and easy to spread by touch. Even though adults can shake it off, but in babies, complications from RSV can lead to serious lung infections.

Dr. Vanessa Dalton, a pediatrician, who has a newborn herself at home, says prevention is the best prescription.  "It's spread by contact, so the child coughs or touches the baby, and they spread it. The best thing to do is, one, avoid sick kids during this holiday season, always. And two, wash your hands frequently.  Because someone is coming to your home, have them wash your hands. Be vigilant about that. Especially before they touch a new baby."

Dr. Dalton says aside from cold symptoms, watch for a blueness around the lips. That could also be a sign of RSV, and a good reason for you to contact your child's doctor.

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