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Consider This..Troops deserve proper welcome home

Well, it's official. The last of the remaining U.S. troops in Iraq are coming home, many of them returning right here to West Texas.

And while some may disagree with the politics behind the decision to end that war, we should all be united on one front…supporting and welcoming home our heroes.

Consider this:

It's all too easy for us to forget about the sacrifices made by soldiers once they join the ranks of civilian life. And most of them haven't even thought about what comes after war. They've been occupied with two thoughts: fighting and surviving. And remember these are young men and women, some right out of high school. And they have taken on the most extreme enemy in the most extreme circumstances. All so you and I can enjoy our daily freedoms.

So next time you see someone who has served, shake their hand, hug their neck, thank them for doing what had to be done. 

It's not that they are looking for praise or justification. Of anyone, they realize the importance of their duty. But by saying thanks, we are saying that we realize it, too.

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