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The Rules of the Political Sign Game

The race is on for County Commissioner, County Constable, City Council and State Representative. Some seats are being vacated and other incumbents are being challenged. Whatever the situation, the candidates names are starting to pop up all over town.

But before posting signs, all candidates must follow specific rules and regulations regarding height, message and location. Candidates must also have permission from the property owner to post their signs and according to the City's Code Enforcement Inspectors this year the rules are more lenient than ever.

"The law changed. In previous years candidates were limited to a 2x2 sign in residential areas and a 32 foot sign in commercial areas that law has changed and they can now have a sign up to 36 square feet and they aren't restricted by zoning areas," says Code Enforcement Supervisor, Stuart Walker.

That means as long as the candidate has permission for posting, signs of various sizes are fine, as long as they aren't obstructing drivers view or in the right of way. "Right now since it's still so early on in the races, we're basically making personal contact with the candidates, trying to get some education early on to keep the signs out of the right of way and from becoming view obstructions," sais Walker.

Signs can't be stuck to a utility pole, or placed in any public street, alley or parkway. They can't be posted with in 25 feet of a corner lot of any two adjacent streets. You also can't place banners or signs of any kind on roofs or fences.

So far the City's had no major problems with sign violations. When and if they do after warnings, mis-posting can result in a misdemeanor fine.

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