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Aerosmith Tickets Sell Out Across Hub City

"This is as big as they come," says John Walker with Select-A-Seat.

After a decade Aerosmith is back in the Hub City again to give fans a rare and spectacular performance. "A concert that never comes around. Aerosmith's not getting any younger so this was the perfect time to go," says Aerosmith fan, Scott Moss.

In less than a day select a seat sold more than 14,000 tickets. Even though tickets were eaiser to buy this time, Select-A-Seat admits there were a few bumps along the way.

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Tickets for performances like Aerosmith are often sold through Select-A-Seat. Thanks to a new agreement with Select-A-Seat and area stores last November, tickets for events like Aerosmith are sold in 25 locations across the South Plains to make it more convenient for ticket buyers. But with the biggest show to hit Lubbock since the new agreement and all the ticket computers connected to the same database problems were bound to happen.

"I thought, hey me being the first in line I thought I was going to get some good seats but I got some of the worst ones," says Aerosmith fan, Dale Paez. Dale camped out at Caviel's Pharmacy Friday night and when tickets went on sale Saturday morning, the ticket printer malfunctioned. By the time the problem was fixed the good seats were sold out.

"We took them a new printer and we also held about 200 tickets that were in line at Caviel's and then as we got the new printer online we were able to open those seats," says John Walker with Select-A-Seat.

Unfortunately for Dale and his friends it was too late. He'll have to enjoy his favorite band, from a far. "I was hoping just for something maybe on the floor or just on that first level but instead I got like real far back you know like right when you walk in, the seats are right there, like mine," says Dale.

Select-A-Seat says the glitch at Caviel's Pharmacy was the only one that occurred in ticket sales for aerosmith. They say the problem is now fixed. 

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