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Local delivery drivers work overtime to deliver gifts

With Christmas days away, Santa isn't the only one busy trying to get gifts ready. Local delivery services are kicking it into gear to make sure last-minute gifts get under the tree in time.

"It's been very, very busy," contracted FedEx delivery driver John Slyker said. "I've contracted for nine years and by far this is the busiest year I've had."

Slyker says business picked up in mid-November and it hasn't slowed down since. The reason behind the spike is more online sales.

"It's been crazy. The weather held up so we're able to get boxes off. We're sleep deprived and tired," he said. "I've had to add four employees and four trucks just to cover the area I have."

On Thursday, Slyker and his crew delivered about 700 packages. That doesn't even include other FedEx drivers in Lubbock or other delivery services like UPS. Due to the large amount of deliveries each day, Slyker actually had to rent a bigger truck to deliver the gifts.

"We've been starting at 7 a.m., get our trucks out by 9 a.m. and get home between six or nine at night," Slyker said.

Long hours over four weeks have these delivery drivers exhausted – but at the end of the day it's worthwhile for drivers like Slyker to get those last minute gifts to their owners.

"About two years ago I delivered Christmas gifts to a little boy who had just lost his mother three days before. So I actually did get to play Santa Clause for a little boy," he said.

FedEx will continue to deliver on Christmas Eve.  

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