After a successful blood drive, UBS still needs platelet donors

Eleven hundred people turned out this year to stock the shelves in KLLL's Country Christmas Blood Drive, including Mudflap, who is one of their radio personalities.

"This is great. You know if me, Mudflap, can donate blood, and Lord knows I'm scared of needles, okay, then anybody can do this. This is awesome. It helps save lives."

Now, after a successful Christmas drive, it's good to know that blood donations are available, should they be needed for emergencies.   However, why is there so little vacation time for the folks at UBS? Christmas Day is the only day the center will be closed because there is always a need for platelets.

UBS's Les Long explains. "Platelets have a very short shelf life.  They're only good for about three days after we are done testing them, so we need to get them out, get them used. We don't want to draw more than we need or less than we need."

Les adds that platelets are especially important for cancer patients and premature babies.  UBS will be open tomorrow on Christmas Eve from 9:00 until 2:00, and all next week during its regular hours.

If you'd like to make it a New Year's resolution to commit to donating three times a year, UBS makes that easy and rewarding with gifts you can earn.

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