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Study Says Light Can Make You Sick

Light controls our body's rhythm. Now, a doctor in New Jersey has come up with a theory that certain types of light can disrupt that rhythm and make us sick.

So, his remedy is to better your mood by wearing the right pair of glasses. According to Dr. Peter Mueller, light affects brain chemistry and can be a trigger for many psychiatric conditions.

"Since 1955, we've known there is such a thing as photosensitive epilepsy, and it is helped by glasses, it is made worse by red light, and is precipitated by red light -- and it is relived by blue-green polarized lenses," explains Dr. Mueller.

It's well known that tinted glasses can help a lot of patients, even students having trouble reading by blocking out certain wavelengths of light, but Dr. Mueller has taken this a step further to use this treatment for depression and other psychiatric disorders.

His studies are still underway but researchers at New York University Medical Center are taking note of the theory and calling for more study saying it could be that a change in the atmosphere in the last 20 years is partly to blame for the increase in people with depression and other psychiatric conditions.

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