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2011 set to break 1917 drought record


The worst drought in Lubbock history was 1917, but that's going change in less than a week.

Year to date Lubbock has had 5.86 inches of rain.

Normal for this time of year would be almost 19 inches of rain, so we're more than 13 inches short. Last year we had 26.46.

The record worst drought for Lubbock was 1917 when the city had 8.73 inches of rain.

So unless we get three inches of rain in the next six days, the previous record will be broken.

But as hard as the drought's been on people, it's also killed a lot of trees.

The Texas Forest Service estimates that between 100 million and 500 million trees died in the state this past year because of drought.

If that number holds up, it will amount to 10 percent of all the trees in Texas, but it's too early to know for sure.

Some trees went into a dormant state this summer, so they look dead, but they might come back to life in the spring if there's enough rain.

The forest service will do a new estimate next year.

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