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Lubbock shoppers flock to Mighty Monday sales


They're calling it Mighty Monday - the first shopping day after Christmas, when shoppers come out to return Christmas gifts and shop for more bargains.

Nearly all the stores inside the South Plains Mall had signs advertising anywhere from 50 to 75 percent off for their "Day After Christmas" sales.

Hundreds of shoppers came out Monday, either to exchange unwanted presents, or to use their gift cards and Christmas cash while the sales were still hot.

"We thought about having Christmas on New Year's Eve - then you know you get all the sales off and stuff," said Rachel Zahn while shopping with her mother.

"JCPenny's had a ton of sales; that's where I took my sister. Just left from there and they had 70% off here, and take an additional 50 off there. So we're just hitting up all the good sales right now while we can," Vanessa Meza said.

Shoppers are also taking advantage of the slashed prices on Christmas decorations for next year. "The day after Christmas for us is really busy," said DeeDee Target store manager. "In the seasonal department we have 50% off and that's where a lot of our guests are shopping."

Shoppers like Diana Munoz didn't get any gift cards or Christmas cash, but each year she goes on the hunt for new decorations. "I'm just trying to figure out and find the stuff to decorate my tree and just take advantage of the sales so I can change my decorations each year," she said.

According to Shopper Trak, 60 percent more people are expected to be in the stores Monday compared to last year's December 26th, which fell on a Sunday.

Research groups say December 26th is usually the second-highest revenue day for stores.

Shopper Trak says Mighty Monday is the third busiest shopping day - just behind Black Friday and Super Saturday - that's the Saturday a week before Christmas.

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