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A Lubbock Family's Struggle to Get Street Lights

If there's anything Steve and Leeann McCoy can find these day, it's their son's memorial along North Quaker Avenue. But what they're having trouble finding is the truth behind their son's death. Thirty-year-old Royce McCoy was killed last October while riding his bike along North Quaker at night.

The driver told police he couldn't see McCoy. This could be why. North Quaker is completely dark even at 7:30 p.m. There are no street lights on the mile stretch of road between 4th Street and the West Loop 289.

"So you're question to the city is, before your son was killed, why weren't their street lights (on N. Quaker) to begin with?" NewsChannel asked the McCoy family. "Exactly," they answered.

The McCoys contacted the City of Lubbock in many ways. But no luck getting those answers. Someone from the city told her to contact Texas Tech. "So, I contacted Texas Tech, and they said their was some kind of trust, they believed it was part of the deed. They said Tech didn't allow (street) lights because it would disturb the wildlife," said Leeann.

Leeann McCoy says she heard the same story from a high ranking Lubbock police officer. That officer said Texas Tech would not allow street lights on North Quaker because researchers studied wildlife on the Native Rangeland.

Here's the concern the McCoys have. If the City of Lubbock and Texas Tech University are telling them the Native Rangeland is the reason why street lights weren't built, then what's the deal with all the construction next to the Rangeland? What happened to protecting the wildlife?

NewsChannel 11 contacted Texas Tech, they say a Tech Parkway, or thru street, is being built. And guess what's going up? Street lights.

Now the McCoys are frustrated because they're seeing major improvements being built. "There could be a street light now because there's a baseball park being built, good enough. For us, we lost a family member and that's not enough to put up street lights. That's not right," said Stephenie McCoy, Royce's sister.

The Texas Tech Operations Department told NewsChannel 11 they weren't aware of any agreement between the City of Lubbock not to put up street light. Even the Tech Wildlife Department said street lights wouldn't disturb the wildlife.

But all the McCoys wanted were truthful answers. Now, they don't even know what and who to believe.

Major developments are underway on Tech's property, NewsChannel is not certain if the semi-pro baseball facility will be built there, but we do know, a major road will be built. Once Tech Parkway is open, officials say North Quaker will be shut down.

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