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HealthWise at 5 From 2.11

  • Child Sleep-Deprivation

How much sleep do your children get at night? Particularly during adolescence, that could have an affect on your child's self esteem. That's according to researchers at the University of Massachusetts who surveyed more than 2,000 middle school students from 23 Chicago area schools during the mid 1990's. And they found sixth graders who reported getting less sleep had lower self esteem, were more depressed and had lower grades than their peers who reported getting more sleep. Girls reported more sleep trouble than boys. The researchers say the findings underscore the need for students to get plenty of sleep each night.

  • Diabetes Iron

There may be a new risk factor for Type 2 Diabetes. High levels of iron, at least in women. The study of more than 1,500 women finds those who developed Diabetes had much higher blood iron levels compared to the women who didn't get the disease. Researchers say their diet was not just higher in iron, but also in total calories and fat and lower in fiber than the group without Diabetes. But since iron appeared to be a factor, researchers explain in this week's Journal of the American Medical Association that these findings could help with efforts to prevent healthy women from developing Type 2 Diabetes.

  • Dry Skin

If you think it's cold here, it's really cold in New York and that's where doctors at Mount Sinai Medical Center are offering some advice on fighting the dry, itchy skin that comes with winter. "The dry skin is pretty easy to protect. You have to shower a little bit less, you have to stay in the shower not quite as long, try to use non-drying soaps and protect yourself from the cold weather,"explains Dr. David Goldbert from Mt. Sinai.

Of course, if you want extra protection, you can always use skin moisturizers or lotions. But Dr. Goldberg adds to avoid products with fragrances and preservatives because they may contain quaternion salts - which are like formaldehyde and can make dry skin even worse.

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