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Bizarre Police Chase in Plainview

A 50-year-old patient of the Care Inn Nursing Home in Plainview escaped from the building on Tuesday and found her getaway vehicle waiting out front. She simply hopped into a running ambulance and took off. Her first order of business was a stop at the Hale County Sheriff's Office. The woman got out of the ambulance, and here's the real kicker, she went inside the Sheriff's Office and asked a dispatcher for directions.

Her destination... Amarillo. To get there she proceeded North on Columbia where Plainview police caught up with her. The pursuit was all captured on police video. Law enforcement had to surround the woman on all sides to get her to stop.

Guns drawn they tried to get her out of the ambulance. Captain Michael T. Carroll says, "When they opened the door to get her out, she did gas it and our officer had to jump in with her and put it in park and jerk her out."

The chase ended with no accidents or injuries and that's when everyone involved realized the humor of it all. David Ehler, the owner of the ambulance, says, "I became real tense, thinking my goodness, we've lost an ambulance and as the story developed from the police chasing her down to this lady stopping at the Sheriff's Office for directions. All of it became really a humorous scenario."

"After it was over with, of course, the guys were kidding each other and I think the dispatcher at the Sheriff's Office got a good ribbing from a few people," said Captain Carroll.

NewsChannel 11 tried to get a comment from the Care Inn Nursing home, but they referred us to Captain Carroll. He says the nursing home does a good job with its patients and he's sure they'll address the incident. Carroll also says the woman who stole the ambulance suffers from delusions. The ambulance owner decided not to press charges on her or the nursing home.

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