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Training with the Texas Tech ROTC - Part 1

Seven A.M. at Texas Tech. 38 ROTC cadets lining up for roll call. Boarding a bus for a weekend of training. Destination? Lawton, Oklahoma, home of Fort Sill.

"So you better get out of my way now, 'for I roll right over you," sang soldiers in cadence.

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The next two days will test brains and brawn, and despite the slogan of 'An Army of One,' on this obstacle course, it's all about teamwork. "To teach them to cooperate, help each other, cause as you know, no one person can do it alone," said Sgt. Leroy Beasley.

At the Double Culvert cadet Mike VanKleeck is trying to build a bridge between two barrels. Fall into the sand, and your dead. "Ahhh!," his team shouts and VanKleeck falls. "Are you dead now?," the reporter asks. "I'm dead. I died. But that's ok, that's why we practice first," he smiled.

Over at the Cliff Hanger..."I think we need to move it down," said cadet Rami Pechacek. She and her team are tackling a brain buster. "I don't think we need to do it like that," she said.

Meanwhile, back at the Double Culvert. "Ahhh!" The cadets are getting very familiar with the sand. "Experience. Experiencial learning," said Lt. Col. David Reid. He's the man in charge. "The whole idea of this exercise is to develop those leadership and communication skills that don't often get utilized," he said.

Skills which are coming into play at the Cliff Hanger. A human wall has formed, and the cadets are making progress. "Good job," someone shouts.

But back at the Double Culvert. "Ahhh!" "You can tell this obstacle was made by a communist," laughed one cadet. But failure is no match for persistence. "Get over guys!," shouts someone in encouragement.

Day one. Mission accomplished. "Things have gone remarkably well," observed Lt. Colonel Reid.

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