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The Vibrating Wallet: Does It Work?

Don't ever forget your credit card again. Because a product called The Vibrating Wallet claims it won't let you forget. It works likes this; the wallet's card pockets have sensors, so when a card is not in there, it vibrates. But Does It Work?

We hit the South Plains Mall to find people to test the vibrating wallet. "We'll pretend these are each credit cards. Take one out. Close it up and tell me what you think," NewsChannel 11 said. "It vibrates, that's awesome," said one man we stopped inside the mall.

"Fold it, put it in your pocket," we said. Another man giggles when it vibrated. "It's fun," he said.

"Do you carry a credit card with you?" we asked a third man. "Yes I do." "Do you ever forget credit cards when you pay?" we asked again. "Yes." We asked him to do the same thing, fold it, and put it in his pocket. "Wow. Oh I forgot my credit card. I'm going back to get it!" he said jokingly.

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