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South Plains residents face new water restrictions in 2012


A lot of folks in Lubbock and the surrounding counties may be facing new water restrictions as of January 1st.

Any water well that is capable of pumping 17 and a half gallons a minute must be registered with the district.

House wells that are used for "domestic use" only are exempt.

But a lot of businesses, even inside the city limits, use a well to water their grass.

Those wells also must have a way to measure the amount of water that is pumped out of the ground.

It can be measured either by water flow or, in some cases, by tracking the electricity or natural gas used by the water well.

The district says there are a lot of rumors and some of them are just plain false.

The rules are a little complicated but they're easy to get.

Jim Conckwright of the High Plains Underground Water Conservation District says the new rules can be found on the district's web site.

"Go to our web site where it's readily available and easy to find and [residents] can read the rules for themselves," Conckwright said. "The primary one that is new and different is rule five. Or feel free to contact district staff here by telephone at our office in Lubbock."

Residents with questions can reach the district by phone at (806) 762-0181. More details are available on their web site at Or you can send them an email at

Technically there is $10,000 dollar penalty for non-compliance; however, the district says it's not doing any penalties at this time.

It will come back to the issue of penalties in a few months.

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