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UMC officials 'share the public's concern' over audit results

UMC Executive Vice President Mark Funderburk spoke with KCBD on Friday. UMC Executive Vice President Mark Funderburk spoke with KCBD on Friday.

On Tuesday, a University Medical Center news release said that an internal audit had revealed "possible employee embezzlement" and announced the immediate resignation of Vice President Greg Bruce.

UMC officials spoke with KCBD on Friday. However, the FBI and U.S. Attorney's office have requested that UMC officials not discuss details of the investigation.

They can't tell us who was involved or how much money may have been embezzled. They say this internal audit is normal business routine and that those findings led to Bruce's resignation. They won't discuss the details of Bruce's resignation or anything he might have said beforehand.

KCBD did request a copy of the audit, but UMC says there is no written audit that can be provided. This is apparently not unusual when dealing with the preliminary results of an audit.

Greg Bruce made $167,962 in 2011. That includes base pay, two retirement benefits, bonuses, and a car allowance. According to those documents, he was not given a severance. Bruce had worked for the hospital since 1992.

Executive Vice President Mark Funderburk told us, "In his position of Marketing, he had financial responsibility for advertisement, marketing, community support, a couple of departments like chaplain services, volunteer services, Seniors Are Special... Several things reported to him."

Funderburk tells us the entire hospital was shocked by this. He says he worked with Bruce for 15 years and cannot believe what's happened. He says he does relate to the taxpayer's concerns, but can't release a lot of details right now.

"Our culture at the hospital is to be transparent to our employees, to the public at large about financial results, outcomes - just the business of health care. So with that being said, I share the public's concern. I will even indicate that just on behalf of administrative staff we are collectively saddened by what has occurred," Funderburk said.

UMC documents reveal that they collected $18.2 million in property taxes this year. Taxes are 4.2 percent of their operating budget. The total budget for the hospital in 2011 was $433 million and unfunded care amounted to $73.1 million.

At this point the hospital does not know who will take over Greg Bruce's position.

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