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Slick Roads Keep TxDOT and Police Busy

The roads did clear up some after Thursday morning's storm. The ice and snow melted away, but Thursday night the big concern was black ice. Early morning drivers urge everyone to stay in if they can. Scott Egert says, "It took about 20 to 25 minutes to get to Indiana from 82nd Street and get underneath the loop this morning. Eric Bowman says, "It's getting all slushy and crappy now. We're not prepared for stuff like this. The roads are bad."

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Despite TxDOT's best efforts, the accidents kept coming all day. Road crews started their shift at 11:30 Wednesday night. They were out dropping magnesium chloride to melt ice on bridges and on/off ramps. Shi Dotson, with the TxDOT maintenance department says, "The other areas of course it wouldn't be cost efficient to try to cover everything so what we do is wait until we have enough to go out and do some balding."

Driver Eric Bowman says he hasn't seen a lot of road crews but he has seen a lot of cops. Corporal Eldon Fuquay with the Lubbock Police Department knew what he was in for when he got up Thursday morning. He says, "I considered calling in sick, but I have to go in because I wasn't sick." Corporal Fuquay spent the day going from one accident to another. Before the wreck we caught him at, there were four more and several to come. Fuquay says, "We've had worse days but this is a busy day, it goes in the top ten."

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Beyond TxDOT, city road crews plan to do what they can through the bad weather. They tell NewsChannel 11 they focus on the main thoroughfares like Quaker, Indiana, 19th, and 50th. If you see a particularly problematic spot, you can try to call them after 5 p.m. at (806) 775-3416, or (806) 775-2608 during the day.

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