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Chancellor's Check-Up: Depression

Depression is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular health. Texas Tech Medical Center's Dr. Randolph Schiffer says depression can be a burden on our physical health.

"People with chronic depression have less physical activity, greater level of high blood pressure, and poor outcomes after completed heart attacks than do people who don't have depression or people who have had their depression treated," explains Dr. Schiffer.

Symptoms of depression include unexplained sadness, loss of energy and interest in activities, difficulty concentrating or paying attention, as well as sleep problems and unexplained weight loss.

"Depression is preeminently a treatable disorder. Advances in psychotherapy treatments and new anti-depressant medications give good results over a limited period of time and in 8% of people who have significant depressive disorder," he adds.

Unlike most other mental disorders, depression can be hard to recognize. There's clearly a connection between the mind and body, and admitting you have a problem like depression, just might help your heart.

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