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Lubbock Wreckers Have a Heck of a Day

A Ford Explorer brought in by Lubbock Wrecker Service was a rollover, so was the white suburban. Most of the other vehicles wrecker drivers picked up were front smashed cars that aren't drive-able. We wanted to know what exactly does it take to work in weather like this? We learned, it's about skill and a little bit of fun.

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Lubbock Wrecker driver Brandon Williams started his day at 5 a.m. He wasn't the only one. When it snows, all seven Lubbock Wrecker Service drivers work. Brandon says his job keeps things interesting especially when it's snowing. "The way some of them get in there rolled over and stuff like that. It's kind of an art to getting it out," said Brandon.

A Ford pick-up truck almost rammed into a house on Utica near 82nd Street. It hit a tree before it had a chance to hit the house. On our way back to the wrecking yard, we passed an accident scene on the South Loop and the Interstate. Another Lubbock Wrecker Driver was on his way to help. And it reminds Brandon he may not get to go home for a while. "I'll be out all night probably," said Brandon.

Back at the yard, he makes a drop-off. "I just got to write a ticket on it, turn it in, then I'll get another call," he said.

He's picked up six vehicles in seven hours. But in all as of 3:30 p.m., 50 vehicles were brought in due to the snowy conditions.

Brandon told NewsChanel 11 the bad places they work are usually the loop, Interstate 27 and 19th street. He expects there will be plenty of more cars to pick up when the sun goes down.

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