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Streets of Freeze

By noon there were over 100 accidents. Drivers had a very difficult time getting any sort of traction. At 34th and the West Loop the only traction a red Ford pickup found was with a light pole. "It's very slick," said LPD Corporal Eldon Fuquay.

One way to help improve traction is to add weight to your vehicle. A simple way to do that is to have a full tank of gas. With each gallon weighing about seven pounds, a 15 gallon tank adds 100 pounds! Plus, if you become stranded, you can keep the engine running for as long as it takes for help to arrive.

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"We started salting around three A.M.," said TXDOT worker Shi Dotson. "And as you can tell it's miserable outside," he said. So miserable that while our camerman was shooting a semi-truck that had slid off the road, just 100 yards further down the highway, a car was following suit.

Another way to add weight is by buying 50 pound bags of sand and putting them in your trunk. They're very inexpensive, roughly $2.50 a bag, and add a substantial amount of weight.

For those who found themselves in ditches, getting out required a lot more work than getting in. There was the back and forth, the stop and wait, and the spinning wheels in reverse move. "If you don't have to go out then don't, stay home, watch TV," siad Diana Garcia.

At 53rd and Quaker a Ford Explorer ran into a house after sliding on a patch of ice. Unfortunately, friday could see more of the same. And by far the best piece of advice, and the mantra of Streets of Speed every week - slow down!

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