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Local Body Shops Overrun with Winter Weather Wrecks

"Bring us your tired, your battered, your beaten and bruised." Lubbock body shops were busier than Ellis Island during the 1920's today. Answering calls and taking repair orders after a day of bumper cars on Lubbock streets.

"Unfortunately we benefit from it but we were hoping no one would be hurt and people would be driving safe and allowing themselves extra time to get to their destinations," says Steven Tisdale with Collision King.

In the aftermath, mangled cars of all shapes and sizes fill the wreck yard. No vehicle was immune, even those built to the highest safety standards. Even with high tech equipment like rear end cameras, they prove to be no match for mother nature. One car was damaged before it ever hit the streets. "This is a brand new Lexus that was sold and being transported to another dealer in Arizona. Unfortunately on the way out it was damaged so they had to turn around and come back," says Tisdale.

Now a collection of bent finders and crushed roofs are keeping workers busy for days to come. "We on average have about 50 cars in process at any given time and that will probably bump up to 80," says Tisdale.

With more work orders on the way, Tisdale has faith his employees won't mind long nights making customers cars look like new again. "Most of our guys are willing to step up and work overtime to try and get everybody back on the road," says Tisdale. Lubbock body shops estimate the average damage to most cars costs at least $2,000 or more to repair.

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