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Flower Shops Busy Prepping for Big Day

The evidence is everywhere. Saint Valentine's arrow is pointed and it means College Flowers on Broadway will be working overtime. General manager, Geoff Kraatz says, "I can leave here everyday knowing I've touched people's lives and to me that's the best pay that I can get."

Even though the big day isn't until Saturday, College Flowers was chaotic Friday, mostly delivering flowers at workplaces so they could be admired by each Valentine's co-workers, that is if they could be found.

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Evan Estes is finding out it's a little harder than it looks. Everywhere he turned, it was no answer, wrong address or "There's no Sherry that works here." But it's when the flowers reach their intended recipient, that Evan says the job is worthwhile. He explains, "That's probably the best feeling, bringing an arrangement to someone who has no idea they're getting one and just seeing that shock value on their face."

It's that feeling workers at College Flowers will think of as they work into the wee hours of the morning, trying to get ahead for the Valentine's Day rush. College Flowers will be accepting walk-in orders on Valentine's Day, but expect them to be busy. A dozen roses arranged and in a vase will cost around $85, they're $40 if you just want to buy them wrapped in paper.

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