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How Healthy Is Soup?

On a cold day like this, soup tastes great, but how healthy is it really?

"The high fiber and the relatively low carbohydrate content is what's probably advantageous to the consumer," explains Dr. Ron Snitzer from the Sanapure Labs.

That's the good news, that soup, by itself, is normally low cal and healthy. But most people double the serving, then add bread or crackers and a soft drink and wind up tripling the calories. And he says there is a bigger concern for people on salt restricted diets.

There's a lot of salt in soup. A can of split pea soup, for example, can have 1,300 milligrams of sodium. That's already 10 times more salt than the body needs to function. So what's the big deal about salt? The National Institute of Health says some 60 million Americans suffer from hypertension, or high blood pressure. Cutting back on salt is the best way to help control that without taking medication.

The bottom line, soup is a good choice if you can balance that high salt meal into a low salt diet for the rest of that day.

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