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Tips, tools, tricks to make hi-tech gadgets safe for kids


More and more kids are using smart devices at a younger age, but how safe are these hi-tech gadgets? Inappropriate movies, pictures and songs are just a finger tap away with the growing popularity of iPads and iPod touches.

A study by Common Sense Media reported 52% of children under the age of eight have access to these smart devices. So how do you keep your child's innocent eyes…innocent?

"You know a Google images search for angel comes up with some angels that aren't too appropriate," said Michael White, owner of Fix in a Zip (FIZ).

Michael works with these smart devices on a daily basis, usually to help restore or fix water damaged phones, but after hearing from several concerned parents he decided to hold free educational seminars on how to safeguard the gadgets.

"The iPod touches are so popular with the kids, and there is availability for a lot of inappropriate material," White said. "We're just going to go through the process of setting up a password on the device that only you have, and go in and show them how to lock down Youtube, Safari, different material from different Apps that are rated for different ages."

The steps are simple. For example on iPad you can go to Settings and tap General. There you can enable restrictions like blocking rated R movies or explicit videos on Youtube. You can even completely block certain Apps like Safari to keep your children off the Internet. The restrictions are kept safe through a password of your choice.

"There are also some Apps out there they can use that will help supplement it a bit," said White.

Apps like Mobicip help block inappropriate websites your children can access while on the smart devices.

White says during the 45-minute, free educational classes, his staff will help answer parent's questions on how to keep these devices safe and kid friendly. The first class starts Saturday at 10 a.m. You can visit for more information.

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