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LPD Acts Fast to Save a Life

A distressed suicidal teenager is saved by the Lubbock Police Department.

The scene in the parking lot of Hastings on Saturday was heart-stopping, difficult to watch, and impossible to turn away from. "I was in the store watching and the doors were locked," said Hastings employee Steve Hastings.

18-year-old Coronado High School student Joshua McAfee, pressing a gun to his head. Then, the remarkable. "We had already deployed a less than lethal weapon," said LPD Chief Claude Jones.

Officer Scott Weems, wielding a shotgun loaded with a bean bag, designed not the kill, but even so, where do you shoot? And when do you take the shot? Questions that must be answered in seconds. "And when he exposed himself, the officer took the shot," said Jones.

The shot was perfect -- right rib cage. The impact, causing the reflex to drop the weapon. Aside from a welp, McAfee is uninjured. "You have to understand that we also had lethal weapons out here, so it could have gone either way," said Jones.

Charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon, word on Sunday is that he's also been charged with burglary of a habitat which occurred last Thursday. What's more, news of a second person, a black male, who arrived at Hastings with McAfee but disappeared before the standoff. "One of my associates saw him get out of the truck and he wanted to come into the store before we were open, but we wouldn't let him, and he headed off east," said Hastings.

More questions in a story with few easy answers.

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