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Recognizing and celebrating Lew Dee's life

Lew Dee worked in broadcasting across the South Plains for decades, and now he is being recognized for his years of work entertaining and informing the area. Hundreds of Lubbock-ites woke up to the voice of Lew Dee in the mornings. He touched many lives across the South Plains but none as much as his wife, Diana.

"He, being Italian, was such a romantic. He just surprised me so many times, I'd check into a hotel in Dallas and there'd be roses in my room. He would put a song on in the morning and put it on replay so that whenever I got up there'd be a beautiful love song that was just playing over and over" Diana Dee says.

Longtime Lubbock radio personality, Lew Dee, died in October after a battle with cancer. Saturday would have been his 80th birthday. "I am just so thrilled that people have remembered Lew, that his memory is so dear to so many in this town" Diana Dee says. Dee's 5 children are coming home to Lubbock Monday as City Councilman Paul Beane helps the memory of Lew Dee grow.

"Rather than sending flowers we wanted to do something a little more permanent, my wife and I, and so we decided to plant a tree" City Councilman Paul Beane says. "Lew just never really knew how many people loved him and the impact he had on this community" Dee says. "I was thinking that you know, maybe 75 years from now, my great-great-great-grandchildren and his can sit under the shade of these trees and argue like Lew and I used to argue about things" Beane, an old friend and co-worker of Lew Dee's says. Councilman Beane hopes more trees will follow the first in memory of his friend. "Lubbock immediately took a love to Lew Dee" Beane says.

Along with the tree, the community and his wife, Diana, can still turn up his favorite tunes by: Dean Martin, Elvis Presley, and Neil Diamond to remember the Lubbock legend, Lew Dee. "I guess the main thing that he left was all the memories with all the music, because I can play all that music and just remember" Dee says as Dean Martin plays from her husband's computer.

If you want to join the family and friends gathering for the tree planting ceremony on Monday, Councilman Beane says the ceremony will begin around 2:00 PM at McAlister Park in Lubbock, TX. Diana Dee says she will be speaking.

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