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Presidents Day Trivia in the Hub City

It's Presidents day, a day originally set to honor the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, but over the years it's become a day to honor all of the men who've served as our nation's President.

NewsChannel 11's Ashley Rodriquez hit the streets today with a list trivia questions, to check on Presidential street smarts in the Hub City.

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Sir can you tell me what today is?
"Monday. Presidents day."

Do you know how many Presidents we've had?
"42", one man said.
"43", another man said.
"I don't remember 47, 48", one woman said,

Can you name the last five Presidents?
"Bush, Clinton, another Bush, Reagan, and Carter," said our sports guy Greg Miller.

How many can you name?
"I should be able to name all of them, but I don't know if I can on the spot."
"Very few."

Do you know how many father and sons there have been in the White House?
"Two." Who are they? "The Bush's and the Adams'."
"Two I think, three maybe."

Who was President when you were born?
"Roosevelt. No, no, wait a minute, it was Coolidge."

Do you know who's been the tallest President so far?
"I have no idea." (Abe Lincoln was 6'4)

What are President Bush's daughters names?
"Sage and Mesquite." (Jenna and Barbara)

Are they the same age?
"I don't know." (They're twins.) "Are they really?."

So we set out to find out, who in Lubbock could name all 43 Presidents? What we found were the 5th graders at Honey Elementary who sing a Presidents song, that names them all.

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