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Consider This...BCS needs ideas

As the excitement of the college football championship fades, officials are meeting this week to rekindle a conversation from 2008. At issue: How to come up with a better championship series in the postseason.

Until now, any ideas to change the current BCS system have been shot down. But now there is new leadership at the table and the playoff system is poised for change.

And although this year's LSU - Alabama match-up was a good fit, fans have long criticized the current system as a flawed way to pick the nation's best teams. Among other problems, this system can sometimes give an unfair advantages to teams that have mediocre records based on some opinion polls. The result could mean teams with excellent records don't make the playoffs depending on how they stand in the polls.

Consider this:

Now that ousted Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe has been replaced, the Big 12 has a chance to have a big voice for BCS change. 

So to interim commissioner Chuck Neinas: Let's take this conversation to the next level. Let's push for a better playoff system, one that perhaps combines top bowl game winners with BCS poll standings. To level the playing field, so to speak. I think most college football fans would agree that a change is needed.

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